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5 out of 5
Average score 5.00 out of 5.00


5 out of 5
Average score 5.00 out of 5.00


4.75 out of 5
Average score 4.75 out of 5.00

Jan Halpape, Geschäftsführer, Schwäbisch Media Digital GmbH

Jan Halpape

Managing Director, Schwäbisch Media Digital GmbH

"Ureality is an innovative and competent partner for us in software development. We are very satisfied with the cooperation."

Lukas Bruns, Business Development, Schwäbisch Media

Lukas Bruns

Business Development, Schwäbisch Media

" UReality breaks new ground with us in business development and as a thinking partner is a guarantee for 100% satisfaction "

Jürgen Baumeister, Technischer Leiter SF-Bau, Vogelbau / Wochner

Jürgen Baumeister

Technical Manager SF-Bau, Vogelbau / Wochner

"Great committed team, who take on the tasks of a company with a high degree of innovative strength and professionalism - 100% recommendation!"

André Seltitz, Senior Manager Business Development, Deutsche Telekom AG

André Seltitz

Senior Manager Business Development, Deutsche Telekom AG

"UReality will remain in my very good memory as a partner of the Smart Glasses Prototyping Hub. I especially appreciate the customer-oriented approach, the focused implementation and last but not least the excellent results."

Matthias Stöckle, Kaufmännischer Vorstand, KBZO Stiftung

Matthias Stöckle

Commercial director, KBZO Stiftung

"We value UReality as a competent partner in our projects for innovative software solutions in the areas of maintenance and support."

Matthias Buttazoni, Projektleiter Marketing Communications, OMICRON electronics GmbH

Matthias Buttazoni

Project Manager Marketing Communications, OMICRON electronics GmbH

"UReality has a dedicated, creative and innovative team. We are very satisfied with the cooperation and the development of our VR game."

Joachim Selbert, ITC Projektleitung, BONOWI International Police- Equipment GmbH

Joachim Selbert

ITC Project lead, BONOWI International Police- Equipment GmbH

"The cooperation with UReality was highly professional and always goal and result oriented. All wishes were perfectly implemented on schedule and even under the highest time pressure. The project work as a whole took place uncomplicated at eye level. Our summary: Thanks to the visualization, we were able to present our complex project to customers and/or investors at an early planning stage, making it accessible and experienceable, and thus convincing. The VR visualizations of UReality made a very decisive contribution to our project success."

Joachim Selbert, ITC Projektleitung, BONOWI International Police- Equipment GmbH


"The UReality team supported us in our first VR project. The technology and the VR possibilities were explained to us with many examples and our expectations in our own development were exceeded by far. The price/performance ratio is top class."

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality, in contrast to Augmented Reality, offers you the possibility to determine all environment variables of the experience. This is a great advantage especially in the context of trainings or education measures.

Virtual Reality also allows you to present any number of products and configurations at a trade fair, or create completely new insights for your customers.

Today already show what will become reality tomorrow. With UReality as your partner, you create digital worlds — tailored to your brand.

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Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

We offer individual software development for various use cases in the field of Augmented Reality. Depending on the target group and the intended use, your software will be developed for common Smartphones and tablets, or for Head Mounted Displays and AR Smart Glasses like the Microsoft Hololens.

Especially for customer-oriented applications in the fields of marketing, configurator or shopping using Augmented Reality, it is recommended to use common devices due to their current distribution.

Augmented Reality applications in an industrial or commercial context, however, often offer a much greater added value through the use of smart glasses or data glasses. These allow the worker to use both hands and further reduce the cognitive distance between information and the real object.

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App- und Webentwicklung


Nearly all applications in the field of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are based on modern App programming languages. For this reason, we also offer our know-how for complex app projects.

With the help of WebXR, the web will also be home in the near future for various solutions with Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality part. Already today optically outstanding configurators or visualization applications can be implemented by using web technology.

Especially in the field of marketing and sales, the web today still offers an outstanding reach compared to conventional campaigns.

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