Don’t Miss this New 3D App in Industry

There are so many kinds of 3D Apps on the internet these days that people can download and use in their personal computers and electronic gadgets to make all images in their electronic devices more realistic and comparable to everything that people can see in the reality. Such products were designed to make the duplication [...]

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Metaio SKD 6 Pro

As i won a the new metaio SDK 6 Pro from metaio due to a survey i will sell it. I already have the metaio SDK 6 Pro and this is too much multitasking for me. If you are interested in buying the SDK with all rights let me know, i offer a great discount!

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Alex Kipman about Microsoft Hololens: Not Exactly Holograms

Alex Kipman said that the newest technology developed by Microsoft was fueled up by their desire on holograms. This new technology was named as the Microsoft Hololens. This is a set of technologies designed to bring augmented reality and 3D imaging to Windows. This is all about holograms and this is what the 3D app [...]

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