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3D Configurator

Started, configured, ordered. That’s all you need with the help of our 3D – Configuration App.
Develop your personal 3D – configuration app with us and support your customers in their purchase decision.



Present your products and facilities on the end devices. This creates a new form of product presentation for your sales representative.

With the 3D – Configuration App the requirements of the customers can be implemented immediately and mispurchases can be avoided. Offer a wide range of products and let the user select the product feature. The user can then, for example, change the size, the colors and the material. So you can offer your customers a better shopping experience. Windows, doors and walls can also be individually designed. Adding furnishings further enhances the imagination. Your customers put together their own suitable furnishings from various components. Subsequently, an automatic creation of the order confirmation takes place in the background.
Additional features such as service advice, product information, locations and online appointments are also integrated in the app. The customer is then contacted at the desired time, for example to discuss further action.


Let your customers design their own products.