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Augmented Reality has also reached the health industry. Especially in times of a lack of doctors, the extended reality can be particularly supportive. Doctors who are just starting their careers can involve specialists in complex operations.



Insertion of an artificial shoulder joint with the aid of Augmented Reality

In December 2017, a team of surgeons succeeded in using augmented reality to insert an artificial shoulder joint into a patient. The operating surgeon transferred his field of vision to the screens of other surgeons and could request help if necessary. This allowed highly specialized and experienced specialists to participate in a surgical procedure without being on site.

Stored data can be retrieved by all nurses who come into contact with the patients. This guarantees that the data is up to date.

This eliminates the need for documentation of all work steps that the nurse normally records in handwriting. Information of high importance, such as taking medication, upcoming medical appointments or allergies, is clearly marked and highlighted in the nurse’s field of vision.


Automated documentation and archiving of the data of all work steps carried out.