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With Augmented Reality – Industry live-data from machines is redirected directly to smart-glasses or other mobile devices. Instructions for maintenance is shown in real-time at the object of interest. Training periods are drastically reduced and complex actions can be realised directly.



Due to digitisation and the Internet of Things, we experience a level of connectivity between people we’ve never seen before.

Connectivity of increasingly more complex machines also means employees with an equivalent skillset.
To assist employees quickly and efficiently concerning maintenance and similar tasks, we developed target=”_blank” Fernwartung 4.0 an.
This solution, in conjunction with an smartphone, tablet or a pair of smart-glasses, allows you to perform remote maintenance from anywhere in the world. The result is a secure and interference-free communication as well as a significant cost reduction.


Quality should be key for any manufacturer, which is why we meticulously consider the quality of your product while developing an Augmented Reality solution for your needs.

In order for employees to execute all tasks without mistakes, we project all necessary information in their field of view.
This, for instance, allows employees to use the correct parts for assembly and lets them assemble them in the right order, resulting in high quality products, while cutting assembly time significantly.


This augmented reality solution reduces picking errors and optimizes warehouse logistics performance. The picker gets all the information he needs to fulfill the order. With the help of Smart Glass, he has access to all the necessary data.

The data is projected onto the Smart Glass in real time. Thus, the order picker finds the right way to the storage location. The camera of the Smart-Glass scans the barcodes of the shelves, whereby the commercially available scanner is no longer relevant and the picker can use both hands to process the order. During the assignment, his position is determined by means of a tracking system. Due to the position, the picker gets an optimized workflow. Fast training times and reduced error rates are just a few of the benefits of this augmented reality solution.