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Hawera manufactures tools for drilling, chiseling, cutting and sawing for the world market.
In 2015, Ureality developed an Augmented Reality set-up software for Hawera. With the help of a head-up display from Vuzix, every user is now able to set up the machine. Due to the variety of products that can be produced on the machine, a corresponding number of set-up scenarios are necessary. Due to this complexity, Augmented Reality is a technology that shows the user in 16 different places directly on the real machine what he has to do. Depending on the product to be produced, the appropriate animations and explanations are displayed. Misunderstandings are impossible thanks to AR.

In order to optimize the set-up time, great importance was attached to a handsfree solution. By using a HUD, the operator can use both hands freely and is completely guided through the entire setup scenario without having to look off the machine or take instructions in his hand. This not only minimizes errors. The training and instruction of new employees is also reduced to the shortest possible times.

The Augmented Reality app by Ureality was realized within a few weeks and was used in a productive environment after a few minutes of instruction.

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