Development and implementation of a virtual fire extinguishing training for fire protection assistants 2018-05-28T13:14:35+00:00

Projekt Beschreibung

This project is about the safe, virtual fire extinguishing training for fire protection assistants. The focus was on the creation of a model for a parameterizable fire and its implementation on the basis of a physical simulation. The special feature: The user can playfully practice extinguishing fires without endangering himself.

In order to get to know the virtual environment better and to become familiar with the operation of the fire extinguisher, there is a tutorial. Using real fire extinguishers, which are equipped with tracking and suitable modifications, the fire protection assistant can now extinguish a simulated fire. The simulation of extinguishing agents and the extinguishing agent supply in the fire extinguisher, as well as the recognition and signalling of burns by the user not only offer a high degree of gamification, but also show the user where to pay better attention in an emergency. That is why this software also offers an important evaluation which indicates extinguishing time, injuries and fire development at the end of the training.

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