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With Remote Maintenance 4.0 we offer you a complete out-of-the-box solution for live remote support.

The software is based on the latest web technologies and thus enables immediate use without installations. A wide variety of hardware devices can be used. In addition to smartphones, tablets, desktops and laptops, smartglasses can also be used. These enable „hands-free“ work and ensure excellent communication.

Remote maintenance 4.0 is easily scalable due to the architecture used and makes sense even for very small companies with quantity 1. Costly journeys of technicians are no longer necessary and can be solved remotely within seconds. The response time drops to less than 1 minute and with it the total time required to rectify the fault. Both the customer and the service provider benefit.

In addition to audio/video and chat, the augmented reality-based software enables recording into the video stream. As a result, the expert’s instructions are to be understood clearly and unambiguously – internationally.

You decide whether you want to host the solution on premise yourself or, together with us as a partner of Deutsche Telekom, rely on national and European Cloud.

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