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Südface. A global success concept implemented locally.

The Südfinder entertains around 500,000 readers every week. The impression is creative, colourful and partly boulevardesque. Exciting local stories maximize attention for business and classified ads. Sweepstakes, reader trips and campaigns round off the varied offer. The South Finder is perceived as „your No. 1 in the South“.

And it was precisely with this motivation that Südfinder commissioned Ureality in 2016 to develop an App. The cross-platform app shows the user using the built-in camera. It recognizes the exact position of the facial features and displays previously selected 3D models. The highlight: all variants cover important local topics. The user can choose to become a Lindau lion, wear the Ulm cathedral on his head or use the Ravensburger flour bag as a headgear. The app has a very big benefit: It is fun and brings joy. Users can take photos of themselves or others using the 3D models and share them on all popular social platforms. Ureality accompanied the project from the idea to its market launch. The concept, the animated 3D models and the app with face recognition were created within a few months.

We wish you a lot of fun with the app.

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