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Projekt Beschreibung

Virtual reality in the field of real estate and construction – this not only holds great potential at first glance. For customers, developers and manufacturers of prefabricated houses. We have been accompanying FBW Fertigbau Wochner on its way into virtual reality since 2017.

In the course of this project, several visually high-carat VR simulations were created, ranging from a simple proof of concept to a completely configurable residential complex with four apartment buildings and over 20 apartments.

The data transfer took place directly from the CAD system used by Wochner and was then elaborately prepared and implemented for real-time display in UnrealEngine. However, so that this is not only a static application, a connection to a database with all available interfaces and extras was realized, so the customer can carry out a real sampling of his dream house in Virtual Reality.

Projekt Details