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Virtual Showroom

Virtual Showroom briefly explained

Our Virtual Showroom offers you the possibility to present your projects in the real world. This is especially useful for objects that benefit greatly from visual presentation, such as furniture, art objects, but of course also machines and vehicles. Thanks to the latest technology from Apple and Google, we can offer you this both as an Augmented Reality App in the Apple AppStore and Google PlayStore, as well as directly as integration within your website or webshop. Without the additional step of an app download your customers have the possibility to get the products into your reality without any detours. Contact us for your individual solution. Thanks to our many years of experience in Augmented Reality, we can implement your solution within a very short time and at a manageable budget.

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  • Photorealistic representation of your products based on 3D data, CAD models or 3D scans.
  • Explanation of complex functions through high-quality animations or multi-media content such as videos, sounds or image galleries.
  • Reduction of return costs through better product presentation.

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Starting with iOS 12 you can use AR directly with your mobile phone! Click on the images to switch to the augmented reality view.


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